Types Of Digital Products To Create In Less Than One Day

You may have heard that creating information and digital based products is a profitable way of making passive income online. Thousands of freelancers, skilled professionals, and freelancers can make sustained income by selling these digital products in various marketplaces and their blogs. Anik Singal has released a new product that will help you create digital products.

A lot of people are yet to create their digital products. The main reason for this is because they believe it takes a lot of effort and time to create a sellable product. The good news is that creating such guy and lady looking on laptopproducts is not difficult as you may think. Just get out of trying and start doing. Start working on your first product. You do not have to make the best digital product in your niche. You only have to the product worth the money you are asking for. The following are some digital products you can make in less than 24 hours:

Paid Video Tutorials

Video sharing sites such as Youtube have created celebrities out of the common people. Young girls and boys have become Youtube millionaires. They have reaped on power of their video content. If you have a particular skill, even a very small one, you should not underestimate someone out there that wants to learn it. Just pick up your smartphone or video camera and create a tutorial about your skills. After you are done, out it for sale. You need to identify a problem in your niche and then explain how it is solved. For instance, if you are a gardener, create a short beginner course to gardening. List your points down and create notes for your viewers.

You can sell video tutorials as downloadable files, or even uploading them as private videos on YouTube. There are several video selling bundle of dollar moneysites.

Coaching Sessions

If you need some additional money for the holiday season or family trip, creating coaching sessions can help you make money. You can offer these sessions on Skype and record them.

Targeted Ebook

eBooks are now selling more than ever before. This has been made possible with mobile platforms such as tablets, Kindle, and smartphones and many more. You need to be action oriented. Create a good, small eBook on a particular niche. Provide solutions in your eBook. It should have eye-catching and unique images.

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