All You Need to Know About Potty Training for a Girl

The average age for girls to be potty trained is 29 months and boys 31 months. Starting potty training earlier may be appealing to most parents, but if the child is not ready, these will lengthen the duration of potty training. The potty training age girl should be done early enough.  Below are the top five factors to consider when potty training age girl.

Top factors

1. Readiness of the Child

Before a parent starts to embark on potty training their age girl, it is critical to be aware of the telltale signs the childGirl playing doll on CR is ready for potty training.
A child will exhibit signs of a desire to please others by giving out gifts, and enjoy praise, and she may crave for independence by doing stuff for herself. She may start to imitate adults, communicate her needs, and walk without help. The child may also have predictable bowel movements and stays dry for an average of two hours. The child may understand and follow one-word verbal instructions. When your child exhibits any of these readiness signs, it is time for potty training.

2. Weather Condition

The weather condition plays a critical role during potty training. For instance, during winter your child may be exposed to the biting cold as she tries to undress and in the process get sick. Therefore the best time for potty training is during summer.

3. Preparedness of the Parent or Potty Trainer

Potty training for a baby girl requires patience. Therefore, one ought to proceed slowly and use cues from the child as a guiding force. Hence the need to be emotionally mature since the child ought to have a feeling of active participation, control, and independence. Potty training a baby girl requires one to use simple and straightforward words for the bowel movement. For instance poop, stool and urine one could use words like pee.

It is also important to use positive words and not negative words like dirty. Use of positive reinforcement on the child will ensure that the child views potty training in a positive light.

4. Type of Potty to Use

Girl taking a poopPotty training for a girl ought to be enjoyable for the child and not intimidating in any way. As such, the potty should be one that allows the child to put their legs comfortably firmly on the ground. It is always advisable to put the potty in the living room or play room in the beginning so that the child does not feel intimidated whatsoever.

There you have it, the top factors to consider when potty training age girl.

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