All About The Chiang Mai Yoga School


Yoga has increased in popularity over the years. The Chiang Mai yoga school offers tantra yoga that brings an unmeasurable peace of mind. Tantra Yoga introduces you to all types and aspects of spiritual yoga instead of just limiting you to one. It helps expand your awareness in all fields of human knowledge and consciousness. This is all you get when you enroll for the Chang Mai Tantra yoga classes.

Benefits of joining the Yoga School

  • Tantra yoga classes and training

We have weekly classes through which you get to learn and unlock all the secrets of tantra yoga. The spiritual awakening, emotional, physical and sexual aspects of Tantra yoga will help you understand more about your spiritual well-being.


  • Get taught by experienced teachers

Teachers at the School are amazing and one of their own kind. They boast of many years of experience and are well versed in both theory and practical training.

  • Our classes are comprehensive

The next session of classes begins in November. Despite offering you specific tantra training we normally start with music to set in your mood as well as entertain you. We provide training course materials and even allow time for discussion of questions and answers.

  • Some Benefits of Tantra Workshops

Our workshops are on Saturdays every week. These weekly sessions are targeted towards the personal growth of all participants in all areas of their lives. The sessions last for two and a half hours and take in both newbies and experienced yogis. The best part is that during this time you are able to learn a theoretical aspect and take the practical as well. The workshops combine short, specific lectures, group exercises, and closing meditation.

They are also an amazing way to have a one on one chat with our trainers and other people looking to achieve inner peace just like you.

Benefit from Yoga, tantra and meditation retreats

Tantric Yoga 03If you have ever been to the gorgeous mountains of Northern Thailand, you know how great it is to relax there. This Yoga School offers you an opportunity to go for retreats on these mountains. The great tranquility available in this environment will surely bring great transformations into your life. The break from the daily toll of life’s activities on your mind and soul help you find yourself.

The retreats are all inclusive catering for transport, accommodation, meals, teaching as well as course materials. The retreats have different themes ranging from, silent meditation, spiritual healing, divine attributes, and even detox and cleansing the bodies.


If you want to enjoy and derive the best from yoga, then the Chiang Mai Yoga School is the place to be. Discover yourself and live a healthy, peaceful and balanced life.

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